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Calculation error on quote Q-00161: “UNAUTHORIZED”

The Problem

I guess that since you are reading this article you’re looking for the solution for the error in the title of the post: Calculation error on quote Q-00161: “UNAUTHORIZED”.

Error message on the Quote Details page

The Solution

There is this Knowledge Article from Salesforce: Salesforce CPQ Authorize New Calculation Service best practice that you should check in the first place. And yet, there is another one: Error ‘Invalid nil argument: OAuth Refresh Token’ in CPQ Quote Line Editor

For me, I did not have any “SteelBrick CPQ” in the Connected Apps OAuth Usage section.

Go to:

Setup -> Connected Apps -> Connected Apps OAuth Usage

And you will probably NOT see any CPQ in there, but you should!


In order to fix the problem, go to the

Salesforce CPQ Settings > Pricing and Calculation 

and reauthorize the new calculation service.

By Marcin Krzych

Author of "The CPQ Implementation Guide" book. In IT since 2007, In Salesforce ecosystem since 2011, In Salesforce CPQ projects since 2016.
8 SF certifications.

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