Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certificate Study Guide

This page lists materials that are worth to study when you are planning on getting Salesforce CPQ Specialist certification. Go through the list in the order.

First, you should get the high level view about CPQ. Learn what the exam is all about, read the Exam Guide:

  1. Link: 

Then, you should learn the CPQ Admin fundamentals. Go through the CPQ Admin Trail

  1. Link: 
    1. This is good, almost 13 hours of learning, that walks you through the CPQ functionalities and configuration process. 
    2. Good sides: very detailed on Pricing and Discounts

Now you know the basics. You should focus on deepening your knowledge. Once you are done with Exam Guide and CPQ Admin Trail, do the CPQ cert prep Trailmix. This will partially contain elements from the CPQ Admin Trail, but I believe that way of learning is just more effective rather than deep dive into all kinds of details at once. 

  1. Link: 

The core activities are behind you now. It’s time to focus on the exam agin. Read the exam description from here: 

  2. And review the materials linked in that blog post

Knowing the exam structure, you should try yourself with example questions:


NOTE: Please note, that these are examples of questions, to get you the feeling of the question types, and what more or less does it look to attempt the exam. You should expect different questions on the certification exam. 

All the instruction for the CPQ exam prep is here: 

Simplus have released a CPQ exam study guide here: 

The certification exam checks your theoretical knowledge. While working on the projects you’ll need skills allowing you to look at the requirements for various angles. Read my book, to learn what’s important in the real life!