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Subscription End Date not aligned to Quote Line End Date

The Problem

The Start Date and End Date of your Contract or Subscription records are not aligned (not equal) to the Start Date and End Date of your Quote or Quote Line.

Example, your quote may look like this

Start DateEnd Date
Quote Line 109.02.202131.12.2021
Example of a Quote Line with specific Start and End dates.

And your subscription looks like this:

Start DateEnd Date
Subscription 109.02.202108.02.2022
Example of a Subscription with specific Start and End dates, which are not aligned to the Quote Line.

And that’s how you want to have your Subscription

Start DateEnd Date
Subscription 109.02.202131.12.2021
The target result of a Subscription Start and End dates, aligned to the Quote Line.

There is a way how to solve that.

The Solution

Salesforce CPQ is a managed packaged installed on top of Salesforce org. It extends the functionalities and features of some standard objects. That include the Contract Object. Salesforce has certain settings that allows to modify the Contract behaviour. When installing Salesforce CPQ, you not only need to review the Order Settings, but you should also check the Contract Settings.

In oder to align your Quote Line Start and End Dates with Subscription Start and End Dates, you need to deselect the Auto-calculate Contract End Date option in the Setup -> Contract Settings.

Contract Settings in Salesforce -> Setup

If the option is selected, then it makes the Contract and Subscription not aligned with Salesforce CPQ Quote/Quote Line Start and End Dates.

And here is an Knowledge Article from Salesforce:

By Marcin Krzych

Author of "The CPQ Implementation Guide" book. In IT since 2007, In Salesforce ecosystem since 2011, In Salesforce CPQ projects since 2016.
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