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CPQ Deployment process discovery checklist

When you come new to the Salesforce CPQ implementation project or when you are a part of a big programme, where many streams are working together, deployment become quite a big activity with many items to handle. The list in this article should help you to understand what areas of the current project or org setup needs to be checked. That’s not the whole list, but a good starting point for you to rock the deployment process in your project!

Best Practices

CPQ Implementation Best Practices by Gilles Muys

Gilles Muys is, I believe, pretty well known in the Salesforce CPQ ecosystem. He worked for Steelbrick, which was acquired by Salesforce with its CPQ package. There is no many people on the planet with his knowledge and experience!

If you have 31 minutes to invest in your knowledge, watch the below video to grab a glance of CPQ implementations process & best practices shared by Gilles during one of the community meet-ups.

CPQ Implementation Best Practices by Gilles Muys

I hope you had a nice watch of the video above, that you noticed the KEY points that Gilles is talking about. Short list below:

  • the need to have an executive support
  • cross department implementation project: sales, finance, provisioning, legal
  • smooth user experience – required for adoption
  • less time for Sales Reps to build the quote, more time for selling
  • identify pain-points
  • document as much as possible